The ups and downs of life as a left-hander

The ups and downs of life as a left-hander

Worldwide Left-Handers Day 2023

Paul McCartney – one of many world’s few left-handed guitarists

For the final 30 odd years, thirteenth August has formally been the day after we give recognition to all you lefties on the market – and we’re not speaking politics my buddies. Worldwide Left-Handers Day is an opportunity so that you can inform the world how proud you’re of being a left-hander, and to lift some consciousness of the challenges nonetheless confronted for a lefty in a righty world.

Unbelievably, there are some international locations that also try to pressure youngsters to study to write down with their left hand. And solely 0.5% of guitarists play the left-handed manner, which implies that the remainder of them are going towards their pure urge. Us “righties” simply stick with it breezily with our right-handed lives, oblivious to the left-hand challenges that also exist. So it’s solely truthful that we take a minute to see issues from the left standpoint.

Left-handed Information

Life as a left-hander isn’t all the time simple

Solely about 13% of the world’s inhabitants are left-handed however what our lefty buddies lack in numbers they actually make up for in potential. You see, left-handers are dominated by the right-side of the mind which controls issues like music, artwork, creativity, notion, feelings and genius.

Then again, right-handers use primarily the left-hand facet which handles speech, writing, logic and maths. In reality, it’s thought that left-handed people usually tend to have increased IQs, are higher multi-taskers and usually tend to be male. Hhhmmmmm. Lefties are additionally extra prone to get well sooner after a stroke – in order that’s reassuring.

Tremendous Lefties

The left-handed Barak Obama

Seeing as lefties usually tend to have all-round mind symmetry, they’re identified to make nice leaders. In reality, 5 of the final eight American presidents, excluding Trump (a righty) have all been left-handed – together with the likes of Barak Obama, Invoice Clinton and Ronald Regan.

Within the UK, lefty leaders have included Queen Victoria, ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, and the Prince of Wales himself – Prince William.

A few of the biggest innovators of our time have additionally been left-handed. Invoice Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (Fb) are all well-known examples of that right-hand facet of the mind in motion.

Some historians have sworn that Da Vinci’s left-handedness added to his genius, as a result of it pressured him to see issues otherwise.

Ups and Downs of being a lefty

Whether or not you’re a world-leading lefty or an average-joe lefty, there are nonetheless these struggles you set up with that right-handed folks don’t ever take into consideration. However we needed to listen to it from the left-handers themselves, so we requested our OJOers to share their ups and downs, gala’s and unfairs of being a lefty, of their very personal phrases:

The ever-frustrating left-handed ink stain

“The one factor that basically bothers me is the ink stain on my hand once I’m writing – I find yourself having to clean my arms on a regular basis, however I assume that may solely be a great factor ????”, Vives1981

“At college the instructor saved transferring my pencil into my proper hand as she thought I used to be doing it to be foolish – my writing was fairly messy… then later I purchased my hair dressing package to be advised that there’s solely right-handed hair scissors within the kits and that I’d have to purchase it elsewhere”. Georgina4444

“My grandma all the time insisted that I used my knife and fork the right-handed manner, despite the fact that it meant chopping meals with the weaker hand. Additionally, driving rental vehicles on vacation is sort of tough because the gear field is on the mistaken facet. lol”, OJO666

Outdated-school right-handed desk

“Bear in mind these old style exam-style desks that had been half a desk however mainly for right-handers? I used to get a correct stiff again twisting to the proper for hours on finish – I’m certain it should’ve affected my outcomes, or at the very least that’s what I maintain telling myself!”, PlayfulPete

“Being left-handed is a huuuuuge benefit on the tennis courtroom. Most individuals are used to gamers which can be right-handed, so you’ll be able to idiot them into pondering the ball is coming from one angle, when it’s truly coming from the opposite. That’s a superpower in my eyes”, Stigsta73

For all their left-handed challenges, we reckon the nice outweighs the unhealthy for our beautiful lefties. Each left-handed cloud has a silver lining, and our world wouldn’t be half the place it’s with out our 13% left-“helpful” minority. Completely happy Worldwide Left-Handers Day, lefties – we’re fortunate to have you ever.

Author: Peter Reed